Acid Rain

By: Taylor Maerz

Prevention Tips

It may seem like there is not much that one individual can do to stop acid deposition. However, like many environmental problems, acid deposition is caused by the cumulative actions of millions of individual people. Therefore, each individual can also reduce their contribution to the problem and become part of the solution.

  • Individuals can contribute directly by conserving energy
  • Using alternatives to fossil fuels can reduce the amount of burning fossil fuels, which means there will be less pollution in the air
  • Reducing usage of cars, and having more efficient power plants can reduce acid rain

How it Affects your Health

  • People who are exposed to sulfuric acid are at risk of getting larynx cancer
  • The pollutants that cause acid rain—sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx)— damage human health.
  • The particles inside of acid rain can have a long term effect on humans. Scientists have found a relationship between the particles and heart and lung disorders.

Environment Issues

  • Acid rain causes lakes and ponds to be extremely acidic. This means that there is a low pH level
  • Acid rain kills not only individual fish, but it kills the population numbers of the fish. This can cause the fish to be eliminates from the lake/pond
  • Acid rain doesn't kill trees all on its own but, acid rain damages the leaves, which makes it harder for the tree to get nutrients. Or it slowly injects toxic substances into it from the soil
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Being an Advocate

  • The term “clean coal” has been pushed hard by the coal lobby which has run $35 million advertising campaigns promoting the notion in each of the past two presidential elections
  • Technology has been created to lessen the affect of coal's emissions
  • The Acid Rain Program improves the visual environment for acid rain

Visual Environment

  • Acid rain makes it so we cant see clearly through the air