The New England Times

May 3rd 1851

Transportation Revolution Begins

Transportation is now taking over, it has brought many changes in daily life. We used to have to use horses and carriages to get everywhere but now we have trains and steamboats to take us where we would like. It has helped make trading easier and less costly and helped with the national economy and wealth of the North. Railroads are contributing to the expansion of the borders of our nation and increasing the population growth. Steel is also impacting the growth of our country, helping factories, farming tools, and train tracks.

Slater v.s Whitney

Samuel Slater and Eli Whitney both contributed to the industrial revolution in similar, yet different ways. Slater was a farmer who disguised himself as a British mechanic so he could immigrate to the United States and share the idea of textile mills with the Americans and make money. Whitney was an inventor who made guns and muskets easier to produce by inventing the idea of interchangeable parts and mass production. Both Samuel Slater and Eli Whitney gave ideas to america that helped us develop new things, both had to work hard to be successful. Slater had to memories the system and design of the textile mills, and Whitney promised the government 10,000 muskets in 2 years. Even though they are quite similar, they both had different goal and ideas. Slater wanted to make money off of Americans and took an idea already created and just spread it across the world. Whitney came up with the idea all on his own and wanted to improve the military of the U.S and help his country.

Textile industry Revealed

Have you ever heard of a textile mill? Well, I have and man is it great! A textile is a type of cloth item, and textiles used to take a very very very long time to make and used to have to be done by hand but lucky enough a miracle man named Richard Arkwright was born. Richard Arkwright just created a amazing invention called the water frame. The water frame can now power dozens of textiles all at once using the power of water. Now the textile industry is booming thanks to his invention. Now all of the textile mills are being powered by water, so everyone can use the mill. This is a great way to start off a new decade.

The Lowell & Rode Island Systems

The Lowell system and Rhode Island system are both ways of work in the mills and are strategies of making money. They use a loom you can spin thread on and weave cloth in the same mill. The Lowell system focused on using young unmarried women from local farms, while the Rhode Island system is based on hiring families and dividing factory work into different simple tasks. If you get involved in the Lowell system it’s easier to get out of because they pay you while you're provided a shelter and food, people in the Lowell system come from across New England because they want a chance to earn money rather than working on a family farm. For the Rhode Island system you get payed with basic need, people from these mills mainly came from poor communities to work, it’s an opportunity to earn basic needs and learn a new skill. It can be very difficult to get out of because you don’t gain any money.

Steam Powered Boats

Are you getting tired of all those bumpy rides across the land? Do you want to go somewhere over the river? Well if yes then you should try taking a steam boat. Steam boats are a easy way to travel down river and UP RIVER, yes you heard us right steams boats can now travel up river. Steam boats are a easy smooth way to travel on water. Want to try? Just go to your local steam boat dock and get your ticket today.


Labor reforms and trade unions are being created and they are to be stopped, they are creating strikes and people are trying to improve pay and working conditions. They are harming themselves because they aren’t as likely to be hired because employers believe that it prevents competition, and it does. Everyone is creating trade unions, even unskilled factory workers. Police and courts are supporting companies, not the striking union members, they are trying to help us but no one will let them. One strong voice of a mill worker, Sarah G. Bagley founded a Lowell Female Labor Reform Association, she publicists struggles of factory workers, she is taking workers away from factories making it harder and harder to to get stuff done and making the process much slower. Please, don’t support or join this group it is slowing the growth of america. I do think getting a job in Ohio, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, or a few other states passed a law where you can only work up to 10 hours a day, rather than an average of 12-14 hours of work would be a great idea for you and will make you job more enjoyable so you will do things faster..


Hey, you there. Did you know that you can go over land fast easy and quick without having to smell like horse, And not having such a bumpy ride? Well there is! The railroads, they are newest fastest easiest way to travel. Railroads can go everywhere all you have to do is stay sitting during the ride, it’s so easy. Want to try a railroad for yourself? Just go to your local railroad station near you.

Daily Life Changed Forever

Have you seen the new icebox? How about a safety pin? You know you can make fire a lot easier using a match or that you can hang a object on your wall and it will tell time? Well the new icebox is extraordinaire it can keep food and drinks cool for a long period of time. And the safety pin can join two things together. Doesn’t this all sound very interesting and don’t you think it would work really well? Just go to your local store and pick up these new amazing inventions today!

Easy Burning

Do you know what factories run on, water? If that’s what you said you would be wrong. People found a new way to work things, Steam Power! Now rather that using water to make factories work coal can too. Factories can now build in town right by you since they don’t have to be near water. You can use coal too. Heating up your house can be rather difficult when using wood, with coal it will be a lot easier, lots of other things are now capable of being done because of coal.

Farm Equipment

Are you getting sick and tired of doing everything by hand? Well then you need new farm equipment. The new and improved plows. What takes you 5 days could now take you 3 with the new plow. You want to cut down your work time? All you have to do is go visit John Deere in Illinois and purchase a plow today.

Long Distance Talking

Do you want to talk to your friends but they're too far away.Well now you can with the telegraph. The telegraph can send messages across the land easier and a lot faster than using letter. What you have to do is type a few buttons and your friend will get your message within seconds. All you gotta do is go get a telegraph today.