Mrs. Friske'es 5th Grade Stars

November 30 - December 4, 2015

Science - Frog Dissection

We have been having a lot of fun learning about our body systems in Science. In class we have read the text book covering the Respiratory, Digestive, Circulatory, and Excretory System. We have also read some articles on the different systems and made vocabulary flip charts to help us remember all the organs, tissues, and other important items found in each of the different systems. This week we will write information on how they work together in class and finish for homework.

This Wednesday, the class will have a special 2 hour science lab for the frog dissection. I am sure the students and Mrs. Rolfe are very excited about this opportunity to show what the kids have learned in study of the body system. Since we will have lab for two hours on Wednesday, there will be no Science Lab on Friday.

Scholastic Book Fair

This week, Canyon View Elementary will host the Scholastic Book Fair. Our class is scheduled to visit the book fair on Wednesday, December 2. This is an opportunity for all students to see what is available for them to purchase or make a wish list for items they would love to have.

Math - Adding and Subtracting Fractions

We are about half way through our study of adding and subtracting fractions. This can often be a tricky task for students in 5th grade. The key for the students to remember is that when they are adding and subtracting fractions, the denominator should be the same. The students have been working hard on finding common multiples, equivalent fractions, and we are beginning to start our adding and subtracting of mixed numbers. Check in from time to time to see if they have questions. Remind them that drawing models can be helpful in finding solutions to math problems. The key is preserving and having a growth mindset.