Lineville Technology

by Morgan Bowers


We used the iMovie app and we created an iTrailer about our families or our personalities. It was really fun and exciting because you can add cool music and sound effects. It was really enjoyable and fun.

Explain Everything

We used 10 math equations to choose from some were easy, some were hard but you got to choose which math problem you want and you make a presentation in explain everything of how you solved the equation. I thought it was fun because you get to record your voice describing how you solved the math problem.

Haiku Deck

We used Haiku Deck to describe our dream jobs from Career Locker. We made a presentation that describe how you are going to achieve your goal. I personally thought it was really fun because you got to do research about what you wanted to be.


We used to code with plants vs zombies, Angry Birds and more. We put together pieces of "directions" on our computers so that the characters can move. I thought it was really fun because it helps with coding skills which may help us later in life.

Career Locker

We used Career Locker to find our dream job/ what we wanted to be when we grow up. We found what we wanted to be by taking some quizzes. One was called the Career Interest Snapshot. Mrs. VandenBoogaard talked to us all about how important it is to start to think and worry about what our job is going to be so that we can save up for college if we are going.

Learn to type/ typing web

There is a website that we go on to practice our typing skills. It has really cool backgrounds that you can choose. In my opinion it was really fun because the more you practice, the better you get.