Author: Gary Paulsen Book Report By: Reid Huebert

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Brian Robeson is going to visit his dad in Canada. His mom and dad are divorced and he is going to Canada to see his dad. The pilot on his plane has a heart attack, and Brian is all alone on the plane and doesn't know how fly a plane. The plane eventually crashes into a lake in the Canadian Wilderness. All Brian has is his hatchet that his mom gave him before he left. In the wilderness Brian gets attacked by mosquitoes, a porcupine and a moose. Brian learns how to build a shelter, make a fire and catch fish in the lake. He finds berries that don't taste good but he eats them anyway because he needs food. He also makes a bow and arrow to kill birds to eat. When everything is good a tornado hits the wilderness and everything he worked so hard to build is gone. Brian decides that he needs to get the survival pack that is in the plane at the bottom of the lake. He builds a raft and uses his hatchet to get the survival pack. He gets the pack and it was filled with treasures like food, a gun, fishing items and an emergency transmitter. He clicks the buttons on the emergency transmitter but doesn't think it works. Within just a little bit a plane comes and rescues Brian from the wilderness because the pilot had heard his emergency transmitter.

Theme and Genre

Theme- I think the theme of this book is perseverance. Even when everything was going wrong Brian still stayed positive and found a way to survive for 54 days in the wilderness.

Genre-fiction (award)

4 Quesitons

What did you enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed the book because it was very exciting. Even though he was stuck alone in the wilderness he found ways to survive 54 days in the wild with only a hatchet.

Was the ending satisfactory? Why or why not?

I think the ending was satisfactory because Brian got rescued by a pilot who brought him back home.

Which characters played important roles in the overall theme?

Brian played an important role in the theme because he kept fighting to survive and it all payed off when he got rescued.

Would you recommend this book?

Yes I would recommend this book, it was very exciting and if you like survival books this is a good one.