code and codebreaking

By: Alex Gortz

What is it?

Codes are letters that are encrypted or changed in a way that only people with the "key" or someone who knows what the code means can find out what the author is saying. A Lot of codes are used in war or messages about classified info.

The roman Geezeer

During the time Julius Caesar was invading the world he needed a way to send info to his allies without the enemy knowing what he was talking about to his troops. So he made a code in which he would put "A" as "D" and "T" as "w". All in All he chose the letter 4 places in after it to use in his letter.
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WWII allied code breakers

In WWII wifes and women all over the allied controlled country's listened to the German enigma code. From listening to the code and the people talking on the broadcast they could tell where the broadcasters were and what they were saying. They knew this just by listening continuously to the radio.
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codes through out history

now days code or secret messages can be hidden in any thing from pictures to toy dolls. the Greeks in one example tattooed slaves head with secret messages and let their hair grow back so the message was not to be seen. The Germans during WW2 were the first ones to use microdots. microdots were small dots that could not be seen by the human eye, the dots not being able to seen eluded most inspectors.

my own code

I decided to make my own code to see if you guys could solve it in a 2 min time period.

1.7 3.9 3.7 2.6 324 1 400 361 625 3.9 441 361 3.9 3.5 484 2.2 2 400 2.8 2.2 1.7 3.9 2 2.2 !