Pilgrimage to Ireland

Walking from Tinahhely to Enniersky Ireland

Accommodations, Communication, & Language

We will not need any specific accommodations. Their languages are both English and Irish, which may present a challenge if we run into someone who only speaks Irish. However, if all else fails- we can communicate by writing. Barriers

Anticipated Challanges & Fellow Travlers

I don't anticipate any challenges, the walk is not that difficult. My mom would come with me to keep me company.

Documentation & Transportation

I would have to get a passport, which costs $175. Additionally we would fly from MCI Kansas airport to CBI, the Dublin airport and back. The rest of the trip would be on foot.

Equipment & Training

The only things you need for this trip is a good set of walking boots, clothing for 8 days, a pack to carry on the walk, water bottle, sun block, first-aid kit, compass, and insect repellent. As far as training goes the walk is rated at moderately difficult so no serious training would be required. Of course, you have to be in shape and ready to walk over 10 miles a day.

Estimated Cost & Funding

Total, I will end up spending about $2,842 for the walk, plane, meals, and passport. Add in another $300 for souvenirs, snacks, and emergencies . How we would fund this is a lot of saving. We would have to be very frugal with our money for a long time to get enough.

When & Where

The recommended time to come down for a walk is mid-April to mid-September, avoiding any national holidays. The walk itself takes eight days, add in two days to walk to and from the airport.

The walk itself start in Tinahely, Co. Wicklow, Ireland and finishes up in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. I would walk from Dublin airport to Tinahely and from Enniskerry back to the airport as well.