Land Survey

How Much Does a Land Survey Cost?

The most frequently asked questions about land surveying services have to do with the associated costs. Land surveyors are called in to consult with clients regarding a wide range of property related issues. The costs for these services vary widely due to the complicated nature and vast range of information required for the work to be completed. Continue reading to find out more about estimating survey costs.

Survey Research

In most cases, land surveying professionals cannot provide a quick and easy estimate about your project. Prior to providing an estimate, the surveyor will be required to gather the details about your surveying needs. In most cases, a considerable amount of research must be performed before any fee estimate can be given. The research can vary based on the complexity of the survey that will be performed.

Avoid Easy Estimates

Beware of retaining the services of a surveyor that gives you an estimate without obtaining any information about your specific project. When estimates are given without the actual details being factored into the cost, the prices can balloon when the survey is completed.

Title Search

The first step in providing an accurate estimate is searching for the Title. The title search will give the land surveyor access to the legal information related to your property. Title accuracy is guaranteed by the government. A title will give the surveying company information about the current owner and show all registered interests that are outstanding. This includes any mortgages, easements, builders’ liens and caveats.

Providing Information

The surveyor will need to collect information from you prior to being able to access your title. This includes the Land Identification Number Code or the title number. They will also need to know the legal description. Professional surveyors are knowledgeable in how to access all of the pertinent information.

Historical Documents

Many surveyors will also research any survey plans that have already been completed on the property. These will include current and historical plans of survey. Historical plans are important to view in the event of a potential dispute. In order to find these existing plans, the surveyor will need information about your property. This will include your current land title and the attributes of your land, including address.

Difficulty Level

A number of other factors will also influence the cost of your land survey. One of the biggest considerations is the topography of the land. Variations in topography can directly impact the difficulty level of your specific project. Basic questions about topography may be asked of you by the land surveyor during the estimate process.

Seasons and Changes

Another factor that will change the cost of the land survey is the season. The time of year during which the survey must be conducted will make a huge difference. Other items of consideration during an estimate will include the construction of any buildings or roads since the last survey was performed.

Multiple Estimates

Contact any professional land surveyor in Moose jaw in order to find out more about the costs of your specific survey project. Speak with multiple companies in order to get the best estimate possible.

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