Women's Rights

We are human too


During World War II, over six million women took an active part in the work force. we filled positions in factories or working on farms. Over three million women worked for the Red Cross and over 200,000 women served in the military. At the end of the war, women were laid off from the positions they had during the war.


for the society to obtain the same rights for women as were possessed by male voters. we will fight for equal justice, pay, equal privileges in marriage and divorce, rights to property and the custody of our children in divorce.
Women's Suffrage, the right of women to vote in political elections. Women's suffrage represents the first stage in the demand for political equality.

“A state that does not educate and train women is like a man who only trains his right arm.”

we are the same

Why Women should vote?

  1. Because it is fair and right that those who must obey the laws should have a voice in making them, and that those who must pay taxes should have a vote as to the size of the tax and the way it shall be spent.
  2. Because the moral, educational, and humane legislation desired by women would be got more easily if women had votes.
  3. Because laws unjust to women would be amended more quickly.
  4. Because disfranchisement helps to keep wages down.
  5. Because equal suffrage would increase the proportion of educated voters. The high schools of every state in the Union are graduating more girls than boys-often twice or three times as many.
  6. Because it would increase the proportion of native-born voters.
  7. Because it would increase the moral and law-abiding vote very much, while increasing the vicious and criminal vote very little.
  8. Because it leads to fair treatment of women in the public service.
  9. Because legislation for the protection of children would be secured more easily.
  10. Because it is the quietest, easiest, most dignified and least conspicuous way of influencing public affairs.
  11. Because it would make women more broadminded.
  12. Because woman's ballot will make it hard for the notoriously bad candidates to be nominated or elected. In the equal suffrage states, both parties have to put men of respectable character or lose the women's vote.
  13. Because it would help those women who need help the most.
  14. Because it is a maxim in war. "Always do the thing to which your adversary particularly objects." Every vicious interest in the country would rather continue to contend with woman's indirect influence than try to cope with woman's vote.