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Academic & Career Planning Newsletter Volume 9

This is the place to view updates and highlights of Academic & Career Planning in the Sheboygan Area School District. ALL students grades 6-12 are navigating the SASD ACP process. We all play a vital role as we prepare ALL future graduates for the next step in their self-defined career pathway!
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Volume 9: Adapting ACP to a New Environment

Since last March, we have all faced new challenges that have required us to adapt. We interact differently. We conduct business differently. We teach and learn differently. Throughout all of these changes, there have been many bright spots and growth that has occurred.

In volume 9 we will share updates and resources that can be useful in fulfilling our shared ACP obligation to our students. If you find something particularly useful, be sure to bookmark it or make a note so that you can come back to it again and again.

We refuse to allow a global pandemic to stop us from preparing our students to successfully take the next step in their self-defined career pathway!

Xello Continues to Evolve

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Last year at this time, Career Cruising made the switch to Xello. While the two platforms serve the same purpose, Xello has a more modern and user-friendly appearance with a boatload of new bells and whistles.

For students to access Xello, they just need to go under the SASD bookmarks tab at the top of their browser and click Xello. It is a single sign on format so students will use the same username and password as they use to log in to their SASD Google account.

In forthcoming newsletters, we'll be sharing new updates to Xello as they become available.

Click the link below to watch a short video on the new enhanced student dashboard.

Enhanced Student Dashboard - Xello 6-12 - Xello Support

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What is INSPIRE Sheboygan County?

INSPIRE Sheboygan County helps your student achieve his/her career goals by bridging the gap between classwork and the work world. INSPIRE creates a way for students and job-seekers to actively interact with area employers and career coaches. By encouraging your child to take advantage of the tools, you can help them discover the career path that is right for them and to attain their career goals.

The application for the 2020-21 youth co-op program is OPEN!

Click here to access the application.

Visit for more information and visit the "quick links" to view companies participating in the program and get access to the forms necessary to complete the application process.

Students can find career-based learning experiences anytime using our activity request form.

The form has new capability built in so that students can search by company, career interest, or even make requests when they aren't sure what they want to do! Find the form HERE along with more information about activities.

Parents can opt-in to receive career-based learning experience information from Inspire!

text Inspire Parent to 474747 to receive notifications about upcoming opportunities. Msg and data rates may apply.

Bonus Video!

Have you watched our district ACP video yet? If not, now is the time!
Academic & Career Planning in the Sheboygan Area School District