Water Issues in the Arctic

By: Ethan Parrott


If we keep on using our water the way that we are, we will eventually run out of it. Most of fresh water is stored in glaciers or in a frozen state. Extreme water conditions could decrease the water count also. There might be war eventually over the water.

The Arctics Water Problems

half of the fish caught in the United States is from the Arctic. Since temperatures are rising sea ice is decreasing, that means that polar bears and other dangerous animals have to stay in other peoples land. All the people that live in the Arctic basically survive on fish.
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Since temperatures are rising at a high level sea ice is decreasing. Polar bears are having to stay on land and are having troubles with hummans


Since polar bears and humans are having issues, WWF is trying to put better lighting in towns. Oil spills occur, like the bp oil spill, that spill kills humans animals and other species. Illegal fishing and over fishing occurs.


WWF is a organization trying to help this problem. WWF advocates for better science and spill response technology. WWF brings the U.S and Russian counter parts together to supports scientific research and help endangered speices
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This is a graph of the ice thickness from 1980 to 2013 in the Arctic