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January 2016

Happy New Year! There are lots of things to look forward to in the Learning Commons: Rolling Returns, new apps, new books, 3D printing, Maker Month and more.

~Mrs. Stevenson and Mrs. Clerkin

New Year's Resolution iPad Project

The beginning of January is a great time for students to set goals for what they would like to improve and what they would like to achieve in the coming year.

This project involved many steps:

  1. Take a selfie
  2. Scan QR Code to get background template
  3. Create Buncee
  4. Upload Buncee to ChatterPix app
  5. Record voice message
  6. Upload finished project to Padlet (3rd-5th) or SeeSaw (K-2nd)

All About Snowflakes

Going back to school after a holiday break is much like starting school all over again in August. Everyone is tired and maybe a bit unmotivated. So how do we get through the January slump? Snowflake Mania...paper snowflakes, coffee filter snowflakes, festive stained glass tissue paper snowflakes, digital snowflakes, 3D paper snowflakes!

Before we made our snowflakes, we read the book, Snowflake Bentley. We learned what determines the shape of a snowflake, how snowflakes form, where they begin, how many branches a snowflake has and so much more.

Big image

Are You Ready for 3D Printing?

E. O. Muncie students are about to experience 3D design and printing!

More info to be included in our next newsletter. Stay tuned!

iPad Apps


We have some NEW BOOKS in our library! Check one out today! If you ever know of a book that we need in our library, let Mrs. Stevenson or Mrs. Clerkin know and we will try to order it! Thanks to our Media Coordinator, Mrs. Brinegar.

Happy reading!

About Us

Our goals are to:

  • Get students excited about the library space and learning.
  • Give students opportunities to work on engaging tasks.
  • Provide spaces to work collaboratively, think critically, and creatively.

Also, to transition to a place where students DO stuff, not simply a place where students GET stuff.