Substance Use Disorder: Stimulants

Information and Treatment

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Information on stimulant Use Disorder

Stimulant Use Disorder is a very serious condition that many people in todays society fall in to. It is very easy to have a form of depression , anxiety, or daily life's stress which causes some individuals to fall in stimulant use disorder. " Stimulants activate the central nervous system, causing feelings of energy, happiness, and power; a decreased desire for sleep; and a diminished appetite" (Nolen-Hoeksema , 2013, p. 406). Which some people feel stimulants help them function better.also they feel stimulants help take the daily life's stress away. What most people don't realize is the stimulants are only a temporary band aid for the reason they use them.

Stimulants And The Brain In 30 Seconds

Side Affects From Stimulants Use Disorder

The side effects for stimulants depend on which stimulant is used. Caffeine, as in coffee gives the side effect of burst of energy and isn't as problematic. Yet when it comes to nicotine, smoking can cause lung cancer and cause pains in the chest, lungs and back. Also smoking cigarettes can cause the gums to bleed and possible mouth and throat cancer. When it comes to Amphetimes, "constipation, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, dizziness, dry mouth, headache, nausea, stomach ache, nervousness, restlessness and loss of appetite are common side effects, according to If you experience these side effects, speak with your doctor about how to alleviate them" ( Courseault, 2013, para.8). Also if some of the stimulants are taken in a over abundance, the major side effect can possibly lead to death.
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Treatment Options

Treatment options for Stimulant use disorder vary with the stimulant. Yet the treatment aspect is very easy to obtain. First step is admitting there is a problem and then seeking professional help. Trying to fix the disorder with out the correct professional help wont work. Professional mental health along with a physician is needed to help cure the disorder. Some treatment options are as follows:

Psychosocial Treatment

Relapse Prevention

Network therapy

Initiating Abstinence

Supportive-expressive psychotherapy

Interventions With Supportive Research and Groups

Therapeutic orientation



One of the most important treatment options is networking treatment.

" Network therapy, in which clients receiving individual psychotherapy develop a network of stable, nonsubstance-abusing support persons, such as family, partners, and close friends " ( ALI, 2014, para. 25). To have a stable group of people as a support group is crucial in the treatment process. Yet therapy and continued counseling is a must also. These steps are very easy to obtain. Below is a form to fill out to send in, that is done with privacy. IF there is any notion a problem exists then please feel free to contact our office or send in the form below and we will help with the treatment process and be a discrete as possible.

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Treatment Form

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What to Look for When Finding Treatment

When it comes to trying to find the correct help with any mental disorder it is very important to look for a individual that has completed at least a master's or doctorate with in the mental health field. Such abbreviations as MA, MS, MDiv, MSW, PhD, PsyD, EdD, DMin, MD, help with recognizing the person has had their main study in mental health. Along with the education aspect comes a very crucial item t take in consideration. That is experience. Experience is very crucial, due to the fact to understand mental health, it is a science. Which with more experience comes more knowledge. A seasoned person working in the mental health field is better to go to then a person just starting out. The person that is just starting out hasn't experienced all the signs symptoms and disorders related to mental health. While at the same time a person that has worked in the mental health field for 30 years has a lot of knowledge and has experienced a lot more of the signs, symptoms and disorders. Which that person will be able to help correct the issue with not only the education, but the experience.

Some phone numbers that are of use for stimulant use Disorder are as follows:


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