by madelyn leckman

All about netflix

Reed hasting created and invented Netflix in 1997. Since then the business has become a multi-million dollar company. It has be 18 years since Netflix began but more and more people are subscribing to Netflix every year.

Reeds idea back in 1997 was to make it easier for people to watch movies.How he got this idea is when he had a $40 dollar fee for Apollo 13 movie from block buster. When Netflix was first open to the pubic lots of people got it. What Netflix did was to mail DVD's to peoples house for a low price and then you could return the when ever they liked.

As time moved on Netflix had to change. they went from DVD's to online. With every passing year more and more people got the monthly Netflix plan. Now you can tell how Netflix became a big company as you may know it today.

Fun fact of the idea of Qwikster

Back in 2011 the company of Netflix ¨thought¨ that it was a good idea to split the company in two. Once this idea went viral they re-thought the idea and ¨killed¨ it.

Time line of Netflix, Inc. is formed in California by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph

1998:The company begins offering DVD rentals and sales.

1999:Sales are halted; Group Arnault invests $30 million in the firm and a subscription plan debuts.
2000:Revenue sharing deals are signed with Warner Brothers and Columbia film studios; CineMatch is introduced.
2001:A partnership with Best Buy gives Netflix exposure in the chain's 1,800 stores.
2002:The company goes public and changes its name to Netflix, Inc.
2003:Subscribers top 1,000,000, and Netflix has its first profitable quarter.


Introduction of Video Streaming Services.


Qwikster Decision announced and then Scrapped.

Life story of reed hasting

Reed was just like any other kid when younger. He went thought school with good grades. In his high school years he worked at his first job AS A DOOR TO DOOR VACUUM CLEANER SELLER. After high school he went it collage at Bowdoin collage. A few years later he then went to stanford university. He got a masters degree in computer sciences. His first job out of college was Adaptive Technology. He then made his own company named pure software. This did not go well and he "ditched it" or gave up. after wards he then made Netflix and you know how that went if you actually read all the stuff on this website i made.

This is the Netflix headquarters in los gatos, california

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