Supply Chain Manager

What do supply chain managers do?

Supply chain mangers are in charge of organising the movement of goods and materials, which come from raw materials , which go to suppliers,manufactures , distributors, retailers and finally to the consumer.

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What is a supply chain?

A supply chain integrates, coordinates and controls the movement of goods, materials and information from a supplier to a customer to the final consumer.

A supply chain is a network of partners who convert raw materials (upstream) into a finished product (downstream) that is then transported to the end customer to consume/use.


  • Raw materials
  • Supplier
  • Manufacturer


  • Distribution
  • Transport
  • Retailer
  • Customer
  • Consumer


  • Try to negotiate the best contracts with suppliers to ensure they are getting the best prices for products.

  • Track shipments and control stock levels to ensure all shops are fully stocked, and don't run out of products.

  • Try to improve the supply chain and make it as quick and efficient as possible.

  • Work with buyers to ensure the correct products are chosen, to make sure that they will sell.

  • Manage a team of supply chain staff.

  • Look at overall targets, focus on them to ensure that they are being met.

  • Coordinate and monitor the movement of products.


Hard skills:

  • Advanced excel skills
  • Logistics- Checking stock levels
  • Good problem solving- math's skills
  • It skills- checking stock levels on computers.
  • Spoken and written communication- communicating with buyers about products.

Soft skills:
  • Good organisational skills- to ensure everything is ordered and arrives on time.

  • Motivatational
  • Good planning skills

Personal profile

  • Pays attention to detail
  • Confident
  • Able to control others well
  • Problem solver
What is Supply Chain Management? Definition and Introduction | AIMS UK