Now Is The Time To Come Back

RE-Start your C+I Biz today with summer 2016

Hello Friend~

As your mentor and leader with c+i I wanted to reach out to you to see how you were doing. As you know, you are at this point considered to be inactive with chloe and isabel. So what exactly does that mean? I want you to know exactly where things stand for you.

Good News...

~ Your website still exists if you use your original weblink

~ If your friends go to your website they can also shop thru it still

Bad News...

~ You will NOT get your 30-50% off merchie discount

~ You will not get any emails or communication from corporate. You will only continue to receive updates via myself.

~ Your website is not searchable.....meaning if someone goes to and searches their zip code or a name for a merchandiser, you will not show up! Unless they have your exact weblink you will not pop up

~ You are missing out huge opportunities to be that "amazing jewelry go- to girl" that keeps her network in "the know"

~ Missing out on teamwork, challenges, self growth and empowerment from top leaders and peers.


~ It cost you absolutely nothing to remain a merchandiser. Every 6 months all you need to do is have at least $100 in sales.

~ I am here for you whenever you want to start back up or need help

~ I will treat each and every one of you 100% the same whether you have sold $100 or $10K

~ You will have the chance to win prizes, challenges, incentives, free jewelry and more

~ You can make extra easy money!!!

~ I believe in YOU

so what can you today to get back on track??

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Summer 2016

Ladies, summer 2016 launches Tuesday May 10th at 10pm EST!!! If you have been around for 2 or so years, you may remember our launch of Summer 2014~ Moroccan Summer??

Well that was our BIGGEST launch since, no line has out sold Moroccan Summer. NONE.

Well guess what? Amalfi Coast Summer 2016 is slated to KILL Moroccan Summer.

~We have new and fresh THEMES perfect for summer pop ups and displays

~We have NEW lifestyle products.

More for the Men's LIne


Iphone Cases


Beach Bags

Summer Wraps


More watches


Ladies this is going to be HUGE!!!!!

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Steps to Take NOW

So we have a HUGE opportunity to re-launch your business RIGHT NOW. Nothing is lost for you. We have a fresh new theme and launch that is slated to KILL IT all summer long. Truly beautiful pieces.

Let me help you today!

First step....ORDER a pack of new summer lookbooks.

2nd step.....Update your boutique collections NOW. You should always keep them fresh, what if old customers want to go to your site and it has never been updated with new items?

3rd....Set up a phone call with me asap!

4th....Be on the National Call Tuesday at 9pm EST

5th....Tell your network about the launch Tuesday night.

6th.....Book a pop up for May and June

Register now for the call~~~~>>>

Join us over on our TEAM PINTEREST page where I am pinning ideas and tips for your biz daily!!

So will join me today? I believe in YOU. I want you to make some money AND feel good about what you are doing. It is not hard to have a few friends together to share in the beauty of our jewels.

If you hosted ONE POP UP this summer that did $750 in sales. You would make $225 in commission. PLUS $150 in hostess credits and the hostess hoops. All of that in a matter of 2 hours time. Let me help you!!!

XO~ Vanessa

Text me and let me know you are EXCITED and READY!!!!

586 201 6956

win free summer jewels

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Look at these GORG new pieces!!

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