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Welcome to the start of the 2016-17 school year for 10-month employees and students. Welcome to the end of summer for everyone (sadly) and WELCOME to the new Human Resources Bulletin!!! This year, we are taking the bullet in a more modern direction by trying out this new format. We hope you will enjoy it!


I hope that this note finds you all happy and healthy. I appreciate you taking the time to read our Bulletin and hope you will find helpful information here...

After being part of WFL BOCES for about 2 1/2 years, I am truly finding it a joy to meet and work with so many of you. I hope to continue to spend more time interacting with even more employees this year and seeing all of the wonderful things you do on a daily basis. Spending time directly interacting with employees is something that my staff and I do on a regular basis. We receive many (many, many) emails, calls and visits each day. With 4 full time and 1 part time office staff in our Department and over 1,000 employees BOCES-wide, we are always looking for ways to create efficiencies so we have more time to spend assisting employees.

I want to draw your attention to just a few efforts the HR team has made to try to make the HR Department more accessible to all employees:

* We hired Abi Buddington as the new Assistant Director of HR last spring. Abi is an asset to the team, bringing multiple years of educational and HR experience with her. Abi will be focused on the entire hiring process, as well as a variety of other tasks that will allow our department to have more time working directly with employees. She looks forward to meeting many of you throughout the year.

* Allison Liberati is now in the office at 7:00 am to be available by phone prior to student's arrival in order to assist staff with questions related to certification and professional development hours.

* Carrie Spelman and Janet Santee held mass in-processings for both certified and civil service staff over the summer in order to have our many new staff members ready to go for the start of the school year. We will be looking at ways to hold similar events during busy times of the year.

*Carrie will continue to be available on-site during the year to help employees with questions related to benefits and more. We will share that schedule starting this fall.

*Lorry Whipple has been working to modernize and update the forms employees use and Paula Torres has been posting these forms to the intranet in a way that makes it easier for employees to find.

The HR Department is always looking for ways to better serve our employees and we invite you to provide us with feedback and suggestions. Please visit Let's Talk (see button below) or email me directly.

Thank you!


Let’s Talk! is our tool for on-going, productive conversations between you and Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES about critical issues. Please share your ideas, concerns and compliments by clicking on the Let’sTalk! button above.

Many of you have already completed your required trainings but for those who have not, please review this memo which was sent to your email at the end of August:

FROM: Quinn M. Morris, Director of Human Resources

DATE: August 30, 2016

RE: REQUIRED Policy Review and On-Line Trainings for ALL STAFF

The Board of Education is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination and harassment. Additionally, it is Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES’ policy to provide for and promote equal opportunity in education and employment.

As the 2016-17 school year starts, it is important to draw the attention of all staff to some of our most important policies. These policies, in part, cover non-discrimination, equal employment opportunity, sexual harassment of district personnel and of students, and equal educational opportunity.

Please carefully review the following policies which address these issues specifically. WFL BOCES policies can be accessed on the Employee Intranet by signing in and click on “Policies & ARs” in the upper right hand side. Also a policy book is located at each site; and you may contact your site or department secretary for access. Additional information can be found in the corresponding administrative regulations.

· P1440 Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment in the BOCES

· P5120 Equal Employment Opportunity

· P5121 Sexual Harassment of BOCES Personnel

· P5170 Complaints and Grievances by Employees

· P6440 Sexual Harassment of Students

· P6460 Equal Educational Opportunity (Students)

· P6461 Complaints and Grievances by Students

For the 2016-2017 school year, it is a requirement for ALL WFL BOCES Staff to participate in an on-line training videos by September 30, 2016 **

**Any newly hired staff, starting on or after Sept. 1, 2016, should complete this policy review and on-line training within 30 days of their start date**

The training is accomplished by watching THREE videos through the SafeSchools website. Each training is approx.. 20 minutes in length and you can do them all at once or at separate times. Directions for accessing the videos can be found below or you can follow the directions which will be emailed to you directly from SafeSchools soon:

- Go to the SafeSchools webpage found at:

- Sign in using your BOCES email (Example:

- Under “Mandatory Trainings” will be listed the 2 trainings for you to complete

- Click on the desired topic title (see below)

- Watch each section of the topic

- Complete the Quiz for the topic

- SafeSchools will provide BOCES with proof you have completed each training



TRAINING VIDEO #3 = BULLYING: Recognition and Response

Please let your immediate supervisor or myself know if you have any questions.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to address this important issue.


During this flu season, please take steps to keep yourself and your family healthy. We encourage all employees to get a flu shot to prevent the spread of the flu virus. By doing so, you can avoid trips to the doctor or the hospital, which may reduce unnecessary health care costs and absences.

Once again, BOCES is hosting annual Flu Clinics for employees. Attached is the list of on-site flu shot clinics for BOCES employees. If you are unable to attend the one at your site, your schedule allows and your supervisor approves, you may go to a different location.

Seasonal Flu Highlights and Resources:

Flu Facts - What you should know this flu season
Learn about flu signs and symptoms, who should get a flu shot, and much more, at:

Preventing seasonal flu

  • Frequently wash your hands with soap and water. When hand washing is not possible, use antiseptic hand gels that contain alcohol. Teach your children good hygiene habits too.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. Throw out the tissue in the nearest wastebasket and immediately wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Don't sneeze into your hand if you don't have a tissue. Instead, use the crook of your arm.

Read more at:

Who is most at risk for the flu?

  • Children younger than 2
  • People 65 and older
  • Pregnant women
  • Patients with chronic diseases

Read more at:

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This year at All Staff Day, we hope to highlight some of the happy life events BOCES employees have experienced over the last year (Nov. 2015 - present). If you would like to share with us some happy notes of celebration, please follow the guidelines below:

* Email BY NOV. 1st

* Include the subject line: All Staff Day Celebration

* Include in the body of the email:

  • your name, title, work location
  • a brief note about your good news (i.e. baby born on date, marriage on date, work-related honor or award, etc.)

We will do out best to include all good news in some way during All Staff Day. WFL BOCES reserves the right to edit for length and clarity based on the number of submissions received.


Quinn Morris, Director of Human Resources

(315) 332-7282

Abi Buddington, Assistant Director of Human Resources


Lorry Whipple, Secretary to HR Director (315) 332-7282 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Carrie Spelman, HR/Benefits Specialist (315) 332-7291 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Janet Santee, HR Secretary (315) 332-7296 7:00 am - 3:30 pm

Allison Liberati, HR Secretary (315) 332-7211 7:00 am - 4:00 pm

Paula Torres, HR Staff (315) 332 - 7283 8:30 am - 2:00 pm M/T/W

Attached is more information about who best to contact for specific areas of concern.

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Non-Discrimination Clause

It is Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES’ policy to provide for and promote equal opportunity in education and employment. Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES does not discriminate, in its programs and activities, against: (i) any student or any candidate for admission (or parent of any such student or candidate); (ii) any employee or applicant for employment; or (iii) any third party, on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age; and, it provides equal access to its facilities to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Further, Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES does not discriminate on the basis of religion or creed, religious practice, ethnic group, weight, sexual orientation, gender, military status, genetic status, marital status, domestic violence victim status, criminal arrest or conviction record, or any other basis prohibited by state or federal non-discrimination laws, or unless based upon a bona fide occupational qualification or other exception. Inquiries regarding Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES’ non-discrimination policies and grievance procedures or Title IX should be directed to:

Quinn M. Morris, Director of Human Resources

Administrative Offices, Regional Support Center

131 Drumlin Court, Eisenhower Building

Newark, NY 14513-1863

Telephone: (315) 332-7282


U.S. Department of Education New York Office

Office for Civil Rights

32 Old Slip, 26th Floor

New York, NY 10005-2500

Telephone: (646) 428-3800


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