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The Latest News from the North Hall

Third Grading Period Coming to an End

This coming week concludes the third marking period. Please remind your child to make sure he or she has completed the Science Checkpoints on Power My Learning. (If your child needs his/her password reset, please email me at Reg8926@gmail.com.) Check out Gradespeed to see if your child is behind. Science grades look particularly ugly, since many have not completed assignments.

Several students still have not completed their science and social studies non-fiction reading assignments. For the past several weeks the kids have been given time in class to read and test on an assortment of science and social studies themed books. (This was review for Terra Nova.)

Many kids have not finished their five science and three social studies books. I encouraged kids to bring home books on Wednesday so they could test whenever we return to school.

Snow Day Photos

Each year I create a video yearbook for the class. If you have any Snow Day(s) photos of your child with other kids from our class, I would love to include them in our class video yearbook. You can send them to my gmail address~ Thanks!

Technology Night

Thursday, March 19th, 5-6pm

4718 Polk Road

Fort Campbell, KY

Come see your child's use of technology. Our class and the first grade will be in the Media Center. (We helped the first graders with their projects.)

RSVPs are enabled for this event.