Animals,Lakes, and Language

Madagascar"s most craziest looking animal is that and hers the 4 of the other animals. A cheetah ,Elephant , Lion , and a Ostrich. This is what a Aye-aye looks like

Now for the lakes name

  • Mangoro
  • Maningory
  • Mananara
  • Ivondro
  • Mananjary

  • Now hers a video of there language it doesnt say mutch of the languge for a wile though

Malagasy (the Language spoken in Madagascar): the best, the worst and the dialog

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Malagasy (the Language spoken in Madagascar): the best, the worst and the dialog

foods, Military, Transportation,activitis, and music.

This is what they eat in Madagascar it looks like they eat rice, beans, green beans, some fruit, and shish cobobbs.

In Madagascar they have Millions of solders they wear blue, white, and cameo green here's the image of the military suits in Madagascar.`

Madagascar's Transportation's are boat, train, plain, and car.

Madagascar's activities are going to the beach, scuba diving, and going to the forest.

Hers a video of what they listen to for music

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Madagascar Music and Images

grassland,and homes

Here's a grassland in Madagascar and here's a picture of there houses look like would you want to sleep in this . As you can see this wood is probably from trees.
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Education, and Religion

Education is compulsory for children between the ages of six and fourteen. The current education system provides primary schooling for five years, from ages six to eleven. Secondary education lasts for seven years and is divided into two parts: a junior secondary level of four years from ages twelve to fifteen, and a senior secondary level of three years from ages sixteen to eighteen. At the end of the junior level, graduates receive a certificate, and at the end of the senior level, graduates receive the baccalauréat (the equivalent of a high school diploma). A vocational secondary school system, the collège professionelle (professional college), is the equivalent of the junior secondary level; the collège technique (technical college), which awards the baccalauréat technique (technical diploma), is the equivalent of the senior level.

Most of the tribal and ethnic Malagasys practice old traditional beliefs. European and colonial influences brought in Christianity and converted many of the islanders. Modern Madagascar has around 52% of its population still practicing the old faiths, Christians 41% and Muslims 7% of the remainder of the population.