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Janu-ebruary 2020 edition

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  • Eduprotocols
  • Seesaw
  • COAST game
  • Leap-N-Learn conference
  • iPad refresh
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Privacy Policy help


How can EDUPROTOCOLS help me teach more efficiently?

"What IS this eduprotocol thing?"

Have you been wondering? Heard of it, but don't get it? Get it, but haven't tried any yet? Let's fix all these things!

Eduprotocols (based on two books and many web resources by Jon Corippo and Marlena Hebert) are lesson structures that merge technology (usually Google tools) with best teaching practices.

The structure is one of two things:

  1. content neutral so that student can use the same lesson structure, allowing them to focus on the content, not the "how to" of the way to show their learning.
  2. simple enough that it can be repeated often, the way an athlete practices the same thing with many reps to get faster and build automaticity.

If you like new strategies, Eduprotocols might be for you!

If you wish you had some predictable lesson using technology that you can use again and again, Eduprotocols might be for you!

If you want a starting place... one thing to have your students do to use technology in a new way, Eduprotocols might be for you!

Want to try an EduProtocol that will help your students practice parts of speech and writing skills? CHECK OUT THIS FOLDER of 8 P*ARTS lesson resources--- this is an eduprotocol to repeat every day for weeks. They will get faster and the repetition makes the learning stick. And they will learn to be better writers! Cool!

Note: there is a TST on Feb. 18 to share a couple other examples. If you teach 3rd grade+ and your students use Google already, come check it out!


Why do I want to SEESAW?

What we WANT is for technology to truly transform student learning, not just be a place where they practice skills on their own. We have probably all seen the research about screen time and know many of our kiddos get plenty of "looking at screens" time when they aren't at school.
So, Seesaw is a great way to get them using technology to create ways to show and practice their learning without having to learn a difficult technology tool. Whether you have the Seesaw for Schools (TK-2) version or use the free version (grades 3+), Seesaw is a big winner! Watch this video to get the idea. (and check out their youtube channel if you need inspiration).

Let me know if I can do anything to help get Seesaw started in your classroom. It is an excellent way to use your student devices!

Create & Reflect with New Tools in Seesaw


How can I learn new strategies when *I* want?

The COAST game is BACK, baby!

It may be brand new to you, or there might be some new features for those who have played before.

That's right, our self-paced game of learning tasks is back for 2020! Log in, check out some task, do some learning, submit some evidence, earn some points, shop for some stuff in the Surf Shack's point based economy!

We are just getting started and there will be new tasks added each week, but you should TOTALLY check it out to learn something that be just what you need! (remember the 8 P*arts above? Just might be a task that can earn you points when you try it!)

"I'm IN! Where do I start?" I love that attitude! Click here to get more information from the Hueneme webpage, or dive in and click the button below!


How does collaborating with colleagues make me better?

Leap-N-Learn conference can help you explore this idea! Why in the world would you NOT want to spend the extra day at a local conference full of local goodness, to learn some good teaching strategies that probably use technology? Sponsored by Gold Coast CUE, it promises to be a day full of learning, cool keynote speaker inspiration, raffles and tacos!

When: Feb. 29 8am-2pm

Where: Newbury Park High School

How can I register? Here is the cool thing we are trying.... the COAST store! Remember that game I just mentioned? If you already have points, you can TOTALLY just go to the store and get it. I will take it from there. If you DON'T have points, jump in and play! It only takes 290 points for this February Special Kick-off The Surf Shack Deal!

Aren't sure? Reach out and email me and I will make sure you get there if you want to go! We want a big Hueneme representation to make things super fun!


How do I get my original iPad updated?

If you are thinking of the software update that may be available in the Settings app, go for it! Update away!

But if your iPad doesn't update anymore because you still have that original iPad from 2013, let's get you a newer model. We want to get those original iPad 4s out of circulation. Complete this form and I'll take it from there!

Google Form to trade your staff iPad

This is it! Click right here! Complete the form!


This is a good time of year to revisit Digital Citizenship

By now, you have been using technology with your students for a while, and you know some of their work habits pretty well. That makes it a great time to revisit some digital citizenship ideas. And there is exciting news!

We have been encouraging use of the Common Sense Media lessons for several years, and so many of you use them in the first few weeks of school. That's awesome! Did you know they have recently rewritten their lessons? As we know, technology changes, and the things our kids need to know is much more than what it was even 5 years ago.

Tell me more! What is the latest?

Topics like Privacy, Digital Footprints and Online Relationships have been updated, and there is new content about topics like Balance/Well Being, News/Media Literacy and Clickbait/Phishing scams. See the document showing lesson changes here.

Ready to check out the lessons? The Google Slides and PDF lesson plan, as well as any other resources, are all ready to go for you. Just sign in (hello, Google button, my old friend) and it is all free.

Click the green button below to go to the CSM webite and scan their updated options. I bet you will find just what your kids need. This content is a great way to practice literacy skills with a content that directly impact their lives, and I bet you will learn something, too!

Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Lessons

Click here, sign in with the Google button (I love that thing!) then find your grade level


Which sites and apps are safe to use with my students?

For anyone teacher who reads the internet or attends trainings, there are PLENTY of ideas to use technology with students. There is so much cool stuff out there! What you may not realize is this--- California has some pretty serious laws to protect our students and any data associated with them.

Because of this, we have to be superhero protectors of our students and their data (any work they do on computers generates data for companies) SO--- before you have students sign into a website, there are a couple things you can do

  1. Become an expert in the AB1584, FERPA, SOPIPPA and COPPA and other laws that impact this topic (no? not interested? I don't blame you...)
  2. Check the California Student Privacy Alliance webpage. You will be able to see the apps/websites that have been approved, or declined. Search for Hueneme Elementary under district, or search for the resource. This isn't an exhaustive list, but it is a work in progress.
  3. Email Liz before you use it. It is easy on iPads, because we won't install apps on your student devices until they have been aproved, but my friends with Chromebooks... let's make sure. Just drop me an email. Reading privacy policies is my preferred lunch time activity! (Really? no.)


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