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Room 322 - September 19, 2014

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Service Hours Opportunity

Sunday, October 5, is Fall Fest at ICSJ. It will run from 1-5 p.m. at the school.

Last year, the 8th graders had a ton of fun helping out. This year, we're looking for 8th graders to help with the various stations. There will be a sign-up sheet in class - please speak with your child about volunteering. Time slots are for 30 minutes, but students are able to sign up for multiple times/activities. This is a great chance to get a jump start on service hours! (15-20 hours are needed for all 8th grade students this year.)

Weekly Mass Reminder

Everyone is invited to celebrate Mass with us each Wednesday at 8 a.m. at St. Joseph's Church. Mass is always led by the students, and it's a great way to start the day.

There is a slight change for next Wednesday - 7B has switched with 5A due to high school visits.

This Week in Review...

6th Grade Advisory

Students are working hard to stay organized - we had a check-in day, where students fixed up and re-ordered papers in their binders to make sure they are ready to learn at their best. They added additional tabs in Language Arts to separate out their Word Study and Reader's Workshop too. During our Morning Meetings, students practiced greeting each other with simple eye contact and smiles as well as with various little movement exercises. Students engaged in some activities together, including "Little Sally Walker" and problem-solving discussions. Mrs. Quinn joined the students on Friday (as always) and led the students in additional Morning Meeting activities.

6th Grade Language Arts

On Monday, students reviewed POV (point of view) together by identifying and changing POV for given sentences. The 6th graders worked in partners to analyze different hooks from various famous children's books, and they shared about what "worked" in each hook.

As we moved through Tuesday, students continued to identify the key parts of a memoir, including the POV, theme/lesson learned, characters, time span, and more by reading Memoirs of a Goldfish. Emotional appeal came into focus, as students examined the four main kinds, including tone (which they distinguished from mood) and sensory details.

For the remainder of the week, students used chapters from Boy to apply their understanding of emotional appeal in novels, and they began to think about including emotional appeal in their own memoirs. Students also took a look at a memoir written by Miss Foyle about her first rollercoaster ride, and they engaged in pre-writing and organizing (beginning-middle-end) of their own ideas for a memoir, which they began drafting on Friday. Students should start thinking about what artifact(s) they will want to include in their memoirs...

In Grammar this week, the focus was on predicate nouns and adjectives as well as on prepositions. Students reviewed linking verbs (am, is, are, was, were, etc.) and acted out many different prepositions.

This week's Word Study root words were AG/ACT: coagulate, transact, & agenda. Students should continue to review these words + FIC/FAC/FECT each week as new words are added in order to keep these words fresh. Students can make flash cards, quiz each other, make up songs, and more!

7th Grade Religion

On Monday, students worked in pairs to practice the process of creating their own Sunday bulletin board designs. (This is an ongoing project - the students have the requirements in their binders, and they may ask for the rubric at any time. Due dates vary, so please check with your child about when he/she is presenting and if he/she is working alone or with a partner.) Students also worked in pairs to look up the context of an assigned Bible verse, exploring the idea that Scripture should be read and understood in context.

On Tuesday (7A) and Thursday (7B), students ventured to the computer lab for a small activity that invited them to choose a specific topic appropriate to them in life right now (e.g. faith, friends, family, etc.). For this chosen topic, students found 2-3 Scripture verses that fit the topic, and then they reflected on some guided questions to help them explore what the quotes meant to them. Some students in 7A were able to present theirs to the class on Thursday.

Students also explored Psalms of lamentation, noting how Jesus prayed Psalm 22 on the cross as He died. It was neat to see that Jesus prayed the Psalms too!

On Friday, students rounded out our unit on thanksgiving and the Mass with a short reflection project responding to 2 short articles about the Eucharist. Students were also encouraged upon finishing to write a note to Miss Foyle with suggestions for different types of projects and learning activities they would like to try in Religion class this year.

8th Grade Religion

Students in 8th grade took their first unit test on Monday. This assessment focused on the Gifts and Fruit of the Spirit as well as prayer in their lives. It will be in their red assessment folders on Friday, so please take time to review it with your child.

On Tuesday and Thursday, students engaged in various prayer stations (a "buffet", if you will), where they tried out many types of prayer that they can now use on their own. Activities included a prayer graffiti wall, intention cross, Our Father bead activity, sculpting with playdough response, Mandalas, and more! Afterwards, students were asked to reflect on their experiences and the purpose of the activity. One student said, "We did this to understand that praying isn't just going to Church and folding your hands. There are so many different ways to talk to God that we should experiment with."

The week wrapped up with the first part of a 2-day lesson on the Psalms.

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