Everybody Bugs Out

By Leslie Margolis

Come Join Annabelle Stevens On Another Adventure!

Everybody Bugs Out

By Leslie Margolis

208 Pages


Lexile: 650


Annabelle was a character that changed a lot from the beginning of the book to the end of the book, because she started out insecure about her crush on Oliver, and she even lied to her best friends, but in the end, she let her feelings out, told the truth, and everyone was happy again!


A Good Ending?

The ending of Everybody Bugs Out was good... although it had sort of an obvious ending when Annabelle makes up with her friends, so they're friends again, she gets to date her crush, yadda yadda yadda. ;) I'm not saying that it didn't have a good ending, I just think that the ending should have a little more "umph!" to it.

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A Great Book

Even though it has an obvious ending, I still think that this was a great book overall and that it still was interesting and fun to read. I encourage everyone to read it if you like Middle School fun, and drama!

Thank You!