My section is better than your!

Anthony Carmona, 7th period, textbook, link at bottom

It is the desire of the good people of the whole country that sectionalism as a factor in our politics should disappear...

-Rutherford B. Hayes

Facts about sectionalism!

1. Abraham Lincoln had no votes for president in Texas

2. Sectionalism is one of the causes of the civil war

3. North, South, West, East were different sections

4. The North and South showed more sectionalism than the West because the West was newer.

5. Sectionalism is when you show pride in your section, when you are loyal to your section

6. When you were loyal to your section one example is the state you are born in that's the state you stay in

7. Sectionalism was very important to that time period

8. Many people showed sectionalism by staying in their section or saying the good things about their section to other people


I think sectionalism was something that is not important. I think it will not happen in the future because now we are not that loyal to our state ( section) because almost every one ends up moving to a different state ( section). I also think that we have all ready resolved the issues of sectionalism.

Question & Answers

Q: why was sectionalism important to the Civil War?

A: because the south thought their section was better than the north and the North thought they were better than the south.

Q: why did sectionalism occur?

A: because the southerners and northerners thought that their section should be more important than the other section.

Q: why was sectionalism important to history?

A: because it shows how the diffrent sections did not think of each other as equals as we do now.