Oklahoma Times

By:Aaliyah C. and Shamara M.

The Death of the Socs

It was a cold windy night when Bob the Socs and a few of his friends came and confronted Ponyboy and Johnny,this confrontation didn't end well.

The Bloody Night

Ponyboy and Johnny had just met Cherry,Marcia(2 of the Socs girlfriends)and gotten into an argument with his brother,Darry,for coming in at 2 am.He was really mad so him Johnny went to the park to smoke a cigarette.Bob the and the other socs had noticed them at the park and got out of their car to confront the 2 greasers.Bob began to drown ponyboy in the fountain so Johnny stabbed him in the stomach with a knife he kept for protection.After this Ponyboy and Johnny ran away.

Self Defense or Murder?

This is a very common dispute between the people of Oklahoma.Some people are arguing that its self defense but others say it's murder.Johnny was only trying to save his friend but if it was just self defense why would they run away.If he was protecting his friend why would they run away instead of telling the police the entire story.Tell us what you think!!


They are nowhere to be found with no clues where they are.People looking for them.If you have any clue where they are call the authority immediately.
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