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December 2016

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Welcome to our 2nd edition of Shiloh Middle School's Media Center Updates. This newsletter will inform staff about media center resources and general media center information.
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Beyond the Yellow Highlighter: Teaching Annotation Skills to Improve Reading Comprehension

Excerpt By Carol Porter-O’Donnell

Annotating is a writing-to-learn strategy for use while reading or rereading. Annotating helps readers reach a deeper level of engagement and promotes active reading. It makes the reader’s “dialogue with the text” (Probst) a visible record of the thoughts that emerge while making sense of the reading. Most importantly, annotating requires students to read with a focus!

Ms. Bonaby is offering annotating workshops to all SMS teachers and students. She enjoyed facilitating a reading workshop for Ms. Benson's social studies class and would like more opportunities to incorporate reading workshops into interdisciplinary units.

If you would like more information about annotating and would like for Ms. Bonaby to facilitate an annotation workshop, please complete a collaboration form on her eClass page ( Media Center Professional Development).

GCPS Databases

Ms. Bonaby has grouped our research databases by content area; teachers can easily incorporate content specific databases into their lessons. Click on the "Groups" icon to view content specific databases. Login: shilohms Password: generals