Wine Dine & Love

An event that will bring key points of Love, Dating, and Sex

WDL Events Presents:

Do you want to get into a loving, happy, and long-lasting relationship, but everything you do never come up right?

Have you been attracting only players, jerks, and losers to your life in the past?

Online Dating is not working the way you expected?

It's being hard to make the man you love to truly commit?

You may have to agree with me that we are magnets and we only attract what we are ready for, so maybe it is time to change yourself before giving up on a dating life.

WDL Events presents to you, a woman only secret group, an event that will change all your perspective regarding relationships, marriages, dating, sex, and intimacy.

Wine, Dine, & love is the only event that has everything you have been looking for in your entire life. This is the shortcut to your happiness, to have a better understanding of the man's mind, love, relationship, sex, and to find out a better approach to make the guy you like take the next step towards what you want.

Wine, Dine, & Love will invite experts, celebrity love coaches, to teach you successful strategies that are both easy and fast, in an amazing live music environment created especially for you, with a celebrity chef that will both choose meals and wines to complete this night, and make sure you will have a blast.

Since it is a secret woman only group, the seats are limited, and we will respect it the order it was registered. So, go to our website now, and register yourself for our next event that will take place on the first or second Saturday in December 2013.

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