Huntington's Disease

By Robin


First of all, this disease was named for Dr. George Huntington, who was the first person described it in the year 1872. Huntington's disease affects one part of the brain where it controls a human to think, emotion and their movement. Most people start to research on the disease by looking at the symptoms of the people who are between 30 and 50 years old , but this disease can get worse over time.

When people got the disease...

Everyone who got the faulty gene will be affected which will get the disease. Another way where people can get this disease is when a parent have a mutation in the HD gene, it can be 50% chance of passing the disease to their children.


Treatments can't slow down the progression of this disease, but they can help to make the patient more comfortable. For example, Medications can erase the feelings of depression and anxiety, also can control involuntary movements.