Schumacher Shout Outs!

April 8th, 2016

This Week's Shout Outs:

Ashley Johnson-

A shout out for helping out Ruthann's subs the last 2 weeks! You are AMAZING! Thank you! From Cathy Mitchell

Nikki Miller-

A shout out for jumping back into work. From Cynthia White

Kate Rettig and Kayla Decker-

A shout out for being spectacular hallway buddies! Love our mornings! From Dara Taylor and Judy Katzer

Judy Katzer-

A shout out for putting up with my "crazy mom" conversations. You never make me feel crazy. From Amy Birkland

Terri Harmelink-

A shout out for taking my kids after recess so I could pick my own kids up from school on time. From Heather Beaty

Lisa Moss-

A shout out for a pick-me-up drink today. Made my day all better. From Ashley Johnson

Lisa Gray-

A shout out for always answering my questions and letting me bounce ideas off you. You keep me motivated to try new things. Form Ashley Johnson

Randy Binkley-

A shout out for those last minute helps re-imaging and ohter weird problems.

Drew Gossett-

A shout out for always being willing to help...clocks...sinks...

Randy Binkley-

A shout out for fixing all of our Chromebooks and ipads so quickly. From Maureen McCubbin

Nikki Miller-

A shout out for hitting the ground running! From Megan Bright

Tonya Cogan and Lisa Moss-

A shout out for bring my chick eggs back to school and setting them up for me! From Kristin Smith

Jane Minnick-

A shout out for making SS plans for our team and always being so organized and helpful.

Abby Crossett-

A shout out for all that you do! From Kelly Henrichs