Things about Me

By: Lilly Alonzo

Where I was born

I was born on June 11,2001 I was born at Baylor medical center in Irving.

My brother and sisters

I was the first born in my family so I'm kind of daddy's little girl and that means I mostly get everything that I want and I have to be more responsible. I am the oldest of 4 there's me I'm 14 years old, and then it's my sister Jocelyn, but we call her Jojo for short and she is 13 years old she is going to turn 14 in October of this year, and then there's my brother and then my little sister. My brother is 9 years old and my little sister is 6 years old.

My family

I come from a really big family. My family and I we celebrate everything together we celebrate birthdays and we just have party's to watch the games and stuff, like will grill out to watch the soccer games and football Americano and it would just be so much fun.

Where I grew up and went to school

I grew up in Irving Texas and moved around a lot, but mostly stayed within the Irving ISD area. After I finished elementary school my family and I moved to coppell.

Where are my grandparents from?

My great grandparents both on my parents sides were born and raised in Mexico. My grandparents on my Dads side were born and raised in Irving, and grew up in Irving. My grandparents on my mom side were born and raised in Mexico, and they moved to Texas and stayed there all their life.

Things about my grandparents

One thing about my grandpa is that he has alzheimer's and diabetes, but even though he's sick and sometimes has to go back to the hospital I still love and care for him the same way, I don't treat him any different than I used to before we found out that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and diabetes and is very weak he can barely walk now but I still love and care for him so much.

Where are my parents from?

My dad was born in Irving Texas at Irving community hospital which is now Baylor on September 25, 1977. He grew up in Irving and lived in Irving his whole life. My mom was born in Dallas Texas, and grew up in Dallas and lived in Dallas her whole life and then we all moved to coppell.

Traditional things we do in my family


My family and I celebrate Halloween also known as "Day of the Dead" in the Mexican tradition. We like to dress up in costumes and go out trick or treating and get candy and eat all of it.


We celebrate Christmas in my family, and it's really fun, my family and I have this tradition where my parents let us pick one gift that we want to open from them on Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning, me and my sisters and brother take turns opening our presents from youngest to oldest, so I always go last, but it's still fun to celebrate the holiday with them.

The type of music we listen to

My family and I listen to a lot of music, we like all kinds of music like Mexican music, or pop music, and we sometimes listen to the 70's or 80's music and it's really fun because when we take family vacations or travel up to Amarillo to visit my aunt and to go get my braces done we play these games in the carmwhere we each take a turn to sing a part in the music and if you don't know the words or if you mess up you're out.