Kindness Week

February 22-26

A week FULL of Kindness

We have learned about Kindness in our Classroom Guidance lessons. This week we have the opportunity to promote and practice these skills. In each class, I have discussed this week and the importance of not only showing kindness during this week but EVERY week!

Monday - Manners Monday - Catch students using their manners throughout the day.

Tuesday - Thankful Tuesday - Have students share different reasons they are thankful.

Wednesday - WOW Wednesday - WOW someone with your kindness (Spirit Day - Everyone wears Poplar Road Spirit Wear)

Thursday - Thoughtful Thursday - Catch students being thoughtful for those around them.

Friday - Friendship Friday - Encourage students to reach out to new friends.

Other Items:

- Construction paper slips are in your mailbox. There should be 1 for each student. They are to write one act of kindness they have performed throughout the week. Once they are completed, please deliver them to me in the front office and I will create the chain to be displayed here at the school and in April at Abby's Angels Color Run!

- I have also placed a sampling of other activities that you could utilize in your classroom any way you see fit.