Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl

By: Leah Minnich & Landyn Saywer

Chapter 5 summary part 2 pages 37-38

On pages 37-38 in chapter 5 "The future owls" in The book of North American Owls explains how in the future of the owls are going to be studied in more ways to help them stay alive. DDT is a problem with owls because they usually eat things from the soil and it makes their shells crack early and the babies die. Owl boxes are a way we can help owls live longer. You can build an owl box where owls can live and have babies. Habitat destruction is when people go into forests and cut down trees to get wood. If people keep cutting down forests there will be no place for the animals to live. This is why we need to educate the public about the owls because then people will protect them.

By:Leah Minnich
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Ferruginous Pygmy Owl Map

By:Leah Minnich

Word Glossary

DDT - An insecticide in soil that kills bugs but can also soften egg shells and make them crack early.
Habitat - A place where a living thing lives and they can find shelter, food, and water.

Owl Box - A box that is usually in an old barn or a church steeple. It provides shelter for the owl and it's babies. It is similar to what a habitat is.

Ferruginous - It means a reddish rusty brown like color or containing iron oxides or rust.

By:Leah Minnich

Chapter 5 part 1/Landyn

Chapter 5 in North American Owls states DDT and enemy like the goshawk. DDT is a insecticide that is very dangerous to owls. If an owl eats a mouse with DDT the eggs that lay will be week. the goshawk is a enemy of the owl and so are we. 96% are killed by humans owls have been shot and trapped. Most owlet die of starvation cause the adult owl gets trapped.