CEA Newsletter May 3, 2016

Information and resources to support you and your classroom

End of year celebration

Friday, May 20th, 2:30pm

Four concurrent locations include Mexico on Hull Street, Capital Ale House on Midlothian Turnpike, Bella Italia on Ironbridge Road, and Buffalo Wild Wings on Jeff Davis Highway in Chester.

CEA invites all CCPS employees to celebrate the end of the school year. Meet your friends and colleagues to raise a glass and toast successes. CEA will provide light refreshments and you purchase your drink of choice.

Select the location that works best for you. We'll start at the end of your student day, and you stay as long as you like.

Anxious about end of year evaluation?

CEA building leaders are sharing information and strategies to help you advocate for the ratings that best align with your current practice and level of expertise. If necessary,
  • Prepare copies of observations and any information related to EOY evaluation;
  • Provide evidence to support your position;
  • Give your administrator time to review your evidence to modify EOY evaluation;
  • Be respectful yet confident.

You know your students best. Evidence for Standard 7 can go beyond the pre and post test scores and growth levels. Add an additional column to a spread sheet that you maintain, then

  • Note number of days absent by students;
  • Note trauma that may impact learning;
  • Note language or learning barriers that impact progress;
  • Note special needs and recommendations that have not yet been addressed.

You can also

  • Provide additional data points beyond the pre and post test scores;
  • Provide artifacts and examples that demonstrate growth;
  • Speak with confidence.

If you are not satisfied that the end of year evaluation accurately documents your skills and abilities, you can provide a written response or file a grievance. CEA is ready to help our members with either course of action.

Additional clubs and assignments are voluntary

Teachers are often asked to sponsor clubs or organizations that meet beyond the student day. This request may feel mandatory or as a requirement of continued employment. CCPS school board clearly states that the assignment must be voluntary.

Policy 4070 (5) Staff Responsibility.

No staff member may be required [emphasis added] to sponsor or monitor a student organization or activity. However, upon assuming this responsibility, the sponsor or monitor shall ensure compliance of any extracurricular activity with the provisions of this policy.

When meeting with administration to discuss assignments for the 2016-2017 school year, be certain that it is an assignment that you actually want to do. Please call CEA if you are feeling pressured to take on an assignment that you do not want.

VEA Smith Organizing School

Tuesday, July 19th, 9am to Friday, July 22nd, 1pm

University Of Richmond

CEA will send a team of interested members to the annual VEA Smith Organizing School. Participants will select an interest track from winning local elections, building effective advocacy at the building level; developing organizing plans to secure additional compensation and benefits, and organizing our communities to support quality schools. A special session will also be offered to support candidates for National Board Certification.

More details will be available at www.veanea.org If you are interested in attending please respond to the RSVP.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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