Stand Up Weaver Academy

Presented by Weaver Academy and NCCJ

"Be Original, Be Human, Don't Stereotype."

Have you ever been judge because of an existing stereotype and wanted to be judged based on your character and not what society has depicted you as? Each of us are different yet we are all alike. Come to this event next Wednesday at lunch and help us see the world through someone else's lenses for a chance. This event is put together by Weaver Academy students and teachers and even with the help of NCCJ.

Stand Up Weaver Academy

Wednesday, May 22nd 2013 at 12pm

Spring St. Patio

The six word memoirs are a collection of memoirs that consist of common stereotypes that many Americans face daily. Or can even be an awareness of stereotypes. Help us move past stereotypes and unite as one. With only six words, you can truly say a lot. Words are powerful and we should utilize that power.