That's How Butterfield Does It!

April 4-8, 2016

We are crew, not passengers!

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Core Beliefs, Vision, and Mission

Everyday, as we interact with each other and our students, we have multiple opportunities to "live" our

Core Beliefs, Vision, and Mission.

Guests to our school, parents, and former students

all praise our school - commenting on how they

"feel" the friendly, family environment when they walk in.

This goes back to our first core belief - Relationships!

Wow!! Very Powerful! That's How Butterfield Does It!

We appreciate ALL of you and your commitment to stay true to our Core Beliefs, Vision, and Mission! Butterfield is a GREAT place to work!

I seek first to understand, then to be understood.

STAR Conference Preparations

Wonderful work this past week as ALL STAR advisors:

  • Created STAR Google Classrooms
  • Pushed out the STAR presentation to ALL Students
  • Began encouraging students to complete their part of the conference
  • Expected "HIGH QUALITY" work - reviewing student work and providing suggestions for their drafts - encouraged learning from each other - and modeled how to be a learner as many of you are learning beside your students.


This week we CONTINUE this work - striving for your entire STAR team to support each other with feedback and suggestions for excellent information to share with families! EXCITING!!!

Please let us know how we can support you as we experience "glitches" - with all of us working together, we're confident we can resolve all issues. :-)

STAR Conferences are an excellent time to showcase two of our core beliefs -

relationships and expectations - school-wide!

Summative conferences to review your progress

for this school year are now open.

We will begin scheduling professional conversations

to review your progress throughout the month of April.

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I take care of myself, others, and the environment.

I embrace a growth mindset that promotes my own and others' learning.

Team Meetings

Purpose - to SUPPORT each other - sharing helpful ideas, student issues and celebrations, curriculum, instruction, assessment work - focused to meet your needs.

With our new format for STAR conferences - consider how your team meetings this week

may be used for STAR conference support! That's How Butterfield Does It!

This week team meeting schedule:

  • Monday - Test Training
  • Tuesday and Wednesday - Regular Team Meetings (great time for STAR support)
  • Thursday - Explore & 6th Lit/SS - Reg Team Meeting; 6th Math/Sci and 7th/8th Interdisciplinary Team Meetings - VBSD STEM Info from Dr. Mclean (HS Engineering instructor)

Reminder - NO Scheduled Team Meetings April 11-15 and April 18-22 (opportunity to meet family schedules for STAR conferences and prepare for Walk-a-Mile)

Team Meetings Resume last week of April - April 25-28

No School Friday, April 29th - Trade Day

ACT Aspire Update

Practicing . . . Practicing . . . Practicing . . .

Click Here for Exemplar Items

Successful INFRASTRUCTURE test in March.

TEST TRAINING (Required for ALL Certified Staff) -

Monday, April 4th during Team Meetings.

Thanks for Supporting our Students in Learning Appropriate Technology Practices!

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I seek opportunities to show gratitude and celebrate with colleagues.

Fun Times at BTMS!

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This Week's "Happenings"

Walk-A-Mile Dime Drop & Decorating Shoes; Cheer/Dance Tryout Practices each afternoon; STAR Conference preparations - role play practicing this week

* Mon - April 4 - Test Training for ALL Team Meetings; School Improvement Council 3-4; Track Meet for 7/8 grade vs. Ramsey - at Southside

* Tues - April 5 - Regular Team Meetings

* Wed - April 6 - Regular Team Meetings; SMAC 3-4 p.m.

* Thurs - April 7 - Spring PIctures 8 a.m. -12 noon; Team Meetings - for some guest Dr. Mclean (HS Eng); Track Meet for 7/8 grade vs. Chaffin - at Southside

* Fri - April 8 - Spring PIctures 8 a.m. -12 noon; Lead Team Meeting 12:30-3:00; Cheer/Dance Tryouts

STRONG Communication for everyone to be "in the know" and "celebrate" our school! Daily "Happenings" sent each morning from JW!

We are looking forward to FINISHING STRONG! Countdown until our school year ends . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Student Contact Days and 1 PD Day! WE CAN DO THIS!!!