How did Henry J Foots die?

Mr. Foots died on May 13 2013, but how did he?

Mr. Foots passed away on May 13 2013. I know because I watch the show My 600 pound life on TLC. This brave man weighted 715 pounds in 2005 and underwent surgery to change his life for good. On 2011 he got to his goal weight 275, or some say 250 but barley missed it. He was a hero to all, and encouraged other obese men and women to do the same. Also, he wanted them to change their lives like he did to himself, but the mystery to me was at the end of the show, it said in loving memory of Henry J Foots 1958-2013. It caught me and my family -who was also watching it- off guard. In loving memory 1958 was all it said. I was determined to find how this hero died. I look online everywhere, nothing. I really want to know how. If you know how he died email me at Thanks you so much!

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