Foreigners outshine the Queen

The overthrow of the Monarchy


In January 17, 1893 Hawaiian Kingdom was overthrow with the help of Pres. Harrison, Pres. Cleveland and Minister John Stevens.


The Hawaiian kingdom was overthrown in January 17, 1893. Hawaii wouldn't be overthrown if Pres. Harrison, Pres. Cleveland and Minister John Stevens. weren't there to help. This topic is important in history because it will become a great help today and the future. It will help us develop judgment in worldly affairs by understanding a past behavior of people and how Hawaii became like what is today now. It will help us understand change and how the community of Hawaii become what is today, like before the land wasn't owned by anyone, but now everything changed, because you can purchase a land with your money. The government also changed, before there was called Ali'i but ever since the the Hawaiian overthrown, government changed. I want the reader to take away the people that helped take over Hawaii, because those presidents changed Hawaii big time.

Is Hawaii legally and lawfully a state of the Union?

No, Hawaii is not legally and lawfully a state of the Union because majority of Hawaiians are against the annexation. However, Hawaiians were forced to sign Bayonet Constitution and acts that made U.S more powerful and eventually controlled Hawaii. President Cleveland was one of those president that was opposed to annexation, he thinks that it's not right for the U.S to control the Island, he even sent an investigator, sadly at the end of his war he didn't do anything. Another evidence was the Kue Petition, there were more than 100 people signed the petition, this petition proves that Hawaiian's are opposed to annexation. This proves that Hawaii is not legally and lawfully a state of the union, because they were forced. Legally and lawfully can be best describe as allowing or permitting by law, and the U.S didn't go by the law.
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Kue Petition

This is the Kue Petition that shows majority of Hawaiians were opposed of annexation. There were more than hundreds of people who signed this petition. However, when they passed this petition, it got rejected.