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Making the future brighter

Upcoming Events

March 19 - The University College Dublin Choir to present a Master Class to the SBS choir. The class will take place in the church choir loft from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

April 1, Tuesday, @ 4p.m. - Full advisory board meeting at 1011 First Avenue, 14th fl.


Thank you once again to those who fulfilled the wish list for our enrichment programs.
  • The SBS chess club is in our third week and has an amazing members of 37 students from grades 1-8.
  • The Giver
  • Kelso's Choice

Using NYSTL funding, Steve was able to purchase mini iPads for the faculty to use.

  • SBS will be piloting a program called _____ that is aimed at improving school culture through rewarding students for positive behavior.


SBS presented our proposed tuition model to finance committee members of the Regional Board on February 26.
  • Steve presented the tuition model that "grandfathers" current members at roughly $4600 with a 5% yearly increases and introduces a $6500 rate with 3% yearly increases.
  • Regional Board members in attendance were Fr. Chisholm, SJ, Chair of the Manhattan Regional Board; Msgr. Nelan, Manhattan Regional Board Trustee and chair of the Finance Committee; Ron Lawson, Regional Business Manager; and Dr. McNiff, Superintendent of Schools
  • Board members in attendance were Jace, Melanie, Emily, Helen, Jen, and Ginine.
  • Final decision will be given after the March 6 meeting of the Regional Board.

Catholic Foundation funding is being requested for capital improvements during the summer.

  • Using numbers from the Acheson Doyle Architects Feasibility Report, SBS is requesting 500k in funding to improve lighting in hallways, add spaces for resource rooms and bathrooms for Pre-Kindergarten, install HVAC units and viewing windows, updating electrical in the basement and first floor, and repaint interior spaces.
  • Capital improvements such as these are an essential cog in the school's Sustainability Plan that will eventually eliminate the budget deficit by FY20. SBS will find it difficult justifying ANY tuition increases without (at the very least) the outward appearance of change and improvements.


Planning continues on the Kentucky Derby Fundraiser for Saturday, May 3.
  • Tickets are $50 and will include an appetizers and open bar for the first hour.
  • A page from the school's website and on Facebook have been created for the event.
  • We will discuss during the next board meeting how the money will be allocated.

Facebook Followers is up to 732.

  • Targeted advertising through Facebook will continue for the remaining Open House dates
  • March 11, April 15, and May 13

I will continue to look for opportunities for us to distribute flyers at neighborhood/community events.