Monday, March 23, 2015

Lent: Giving Up Destructive Talk

Encourage one another and speak kindly.

Food Chains

Sheppard Software offers some free games about food chains for elementary students. See three of them below.


Happy Moment = $80.00?!

This weekend, Eric Barker, on "Barking up the Wrong Tree," posted some interesting results of a research study. People were asked how much the would pay for a moment of certain emotions. "Moment" wasn't defined, but the results are as follows...

  • $ 44.30 for calm tranquility,
  • $ 62.80 for excitement,
  • $ 79.06 for happiness,
  • $ 83.27 to avoid fear,
  • $ 92.80 to avoid sadness,
  • $ 99.81 to avoid embarrassment,
  • $ 106.26 to avoid regret,
  • $ 113.55 for love.

When looking at the data, researchers found very happy people don't experience more happy events than less happy people. Barker says the key word for finding happiness is "Attention." For more, see link below.


The Five Senses

Teacherplanet has a list of lots of lesson plans, activities, etc. on the five senses for elementary students.


Sports: Breaking Records, Breaking Barriers

The Smithsonian has a new exhibit with online resources called Sports: Breaking Records, Breaking Barriers. This site "portrays athletes, focusing on their participation in significant events and the social contexts that influenced them. On and off the playing field, these undaunted individuals broke records for themselves and broke barriers for us all. They are the inspiration for future generations who will challenge the barriers that remain."

Special Days This Week

National Puppy Day: 23 Link
*OK Day: 23 Link
*International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for Dignity of Victims: 24 Link
*National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day: 24 Link
Manatee Appreciation Day: 25 Link
International Sister Cities Day: 26-28 Link
*Make Up Your Own Holiday Day: 26
*Purple Day: 26 Link
*Spinach Day: 26 Link
*Celebrate Exchange Day: 27 Link
Earth Hour: 28 Link
(Not to be confused with Earth Day. This pertains to turning off lights.)