Roanoke Sound

By: Marissa Speary


The Roanoke Sound is located in between Nags Head and Manteo

The Importance of the Roanoke Sound

Roanoke Sound is very famous because the bodies of water that it surrounds is the route that Americans first English settlers used to land on Roanoke Island. It's also very important today for its commercial and recreational fisherman, and it's a famed attraction for history and watersports.

Five plants and/or animals that live in Roanoke Sound

3 rivers that feed into the Roanoke Sound


Threats to Roanoke Sound could be toxic substances that can harm humans, animals, and plats; global warming causing sea levels to rise which can create flooding; dredging of channels to allow large boats to pass through or dock damages plants and oyster beds and stirs up sediment that clouds the estuary water.
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