The Life of a iPad

History of the iPad

The History of the iPad

The iPad has had a lot of changes to it. It has had changes in it's size, it's shape, it's update, etc. But the iPad has been a cool thing to see and get our hands on.

The iOS 6.0 and the iOS 7.0 updates

The iOS 6.0 update was the biggest change in the operating system. The update also added an improved Siri to the iPad. The new Siri was able to get sport scores, and it could even update apps and launch apps.

The iOS 7.0 update featured the biggest visual changes to the operating system since it's release, Apple going with a flatter and more transparent style for the interface.

T.J. Colao

This is the timeline and the iPads keep coming. This is the then and now timeline. It never stops.