Unit 1 Assesment

How Unit 1 was for me!

I am Rebekah Tauber!

I am unlike any neighborhood girl. I am a tomboy, who's personality is unreal. I skate, play rough sports such as football, & I like to do some crazy stuff. For you folks who think I'm a sweet little angel, you might wanna think twice, your in for a bumpy ride down "Life Bio Lane."

My Self-Esteeme

What keeps me going on in life would have to be finding the reason I was put here on Earth. Am I supposed to help out at an orphanage, or making people happy by serving them drinks and food, or even just stand around flipping mysterious meat at McDonald's wondering if I'm doing the right thing?!? I am what keeps me going in life. It is good for you as well, we all have to find our true potential, what we are gonna do in life.

My Interests in Life

More about me!


My personality is unlike any other. It changes with my moods & are a bit weird. If I am upset, my personality would be doing nothing, if I'm happy, I just wanna get out and be free.

This Is Me

I enjoyed the fun activities and the assignments that we did. They were fun and were some what simple. Hope we do more like this throughout the year!