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Room 22 Update

Local Author Visits 4th Grade Students

Mitali Perkins, a local author and professor at St. Mary's, visited and shared with all of our 4th grade writers on Monday, September 12, 2016, how she started as a writer. One learning nugget that we captured - writers have to write from their own experiences to bring their writing pieces to life! Thank you to our LP Reads program for providing our students with such a great resource as we launch Writer's Workshop.

What's happening in Room 22?

Our Students have been hard at work in and out of the classroom!

Readers Workshop officially has started in our classroom! Our readers are reading intensely, learning how to "synthesize" as well as being more mindful on how they are pacing their own reading. Please check your email on a much thorough explanation on our recent reading assessment.

Our students are also working in smaller book clubs to help grow as readers and incorporate new strategies learned.

Writer's Workshop is keeping our students writing, writing and writing more "small moments" stories. Our writers are also starting to build their fiction stories by studying character traits this week!

What's Going on in the Numbers World?

Our students have been working on adding and subtracting larger numbers to the millions, They also have learned how to estimate and decide whether their estimated numbers or considered reasonable estimate or not. We also have been working on analyzing multi-step word problems in class. Chapter 1 will end with a review and our chapter test by the end of this week.

California Regions and the Science behind it!

Our students are learning more facts about our famous California Regions ! They have been reading and collecting data and are in the process of completing their California Regions flip book! Keep an eye out for our finished product. While learning all about our regions, we will also learn how weathering - waves, wind, and water have carved our coastline and the natural features in our state!

Welcome Tami Pearson to Room 22

Tami Pearson started working with our students as an instructional aide this week. She will be in our classroom four days a week! Welcome Mrs. Pearson to Los Perales !
How Do I Find My Student's "Just Right" Books?

Search for authors, genres or titles to match your child's reading level.

Enjoy the National Parks !

Get your fourth grader their national park free pass!

Picture Day

Thursday, Sep. 29th, 8:30am

22 Wakefield Drive

Moraga, CA

Reader's Workshop Parent Meeting hosted by MSD

Thursday, Oct. 20th, 7pm

1010 Camino Pablo

Moraga, CA