Drug Analysis

Caitlin Alexson

What does a drug analysis do?

A forensic drug analysis performs a series of tests to detect drugs in the human body. The tests identifies illegal drugs, like all other chemistry disciplines, it examines the way the atoms and molecules in matter interact and bond with each other. All matter has a chemical signature, or set of characteristics that are unique to only that substance.

How is this used in forensics and how to become one?

A drug analysis is used in forensics to help prosecute offenders. In order to become a drug analysis you will need a degree in chemistry and you should complete training on how to properly perform a drug test.

Criminal case

Five students from Wesleyan University were arrested for distributing MDMA, also known as molly. The five students hosted a party where they distributed MDMA that led to twelve students overdosing and ending up in the hospital. A drug analysis was used to test the kids when they showed up at the hospital showing signs or overdose.