Son of Lord Montague

Romeo Montague

Just a lonely gentleman looking for someone to share my life with. I'm looking for a devoted relationship and would prefer to have someone that believes in love at first site like I. I wish only for the most beauty that a girl of this earth can offer. My love shall have to be no younger than 13, no exceptions. I would like to spend as much time as possible with my love and as such, I like to get married as soon as possible. My love must be certain she loves me because if she does not, they shall surely split with me eventually and I shall be heart broken for a long time to come. My previous love, Rosaline, did such and i have yet to recover but I'm sure that a girl with beauty more than that of hers would bring my joy back to me. I would prefer it be no one of the Capulet family because my family has the most wicked of grudges against them however if one of theirs is exceptionally beautiful enough and loves me enough then I might be willing to be with them. If I am to be with one that bares the Capulet name, it would be best to keep our love a secret so that we shall not be shunned by our own families. I hope that whoever my next love may be, she will feel the same about me as I will about her.