Comparison of colonial regions

Christopher mcintosh

New englind

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The New England colonies relied heavily on the Atlantic ocean. Shipbuilding , trade, and fishing became leading industries in the region. The Puritan church was a central part of life in New England . Every settler had to attend and support the Puritan church disuse items were often banished

Middle region

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The middle colonies featured a more diverse population. Under the leadership of William penn. Pennsylvania became home for the Quakers due largely to the diversity and colonies that middle colonies tuned to offer the region featured a frontier that was continually

Souther region

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The first successful English settlement was Jamestown, Virginia in 1607. The colony was saved when John Rolfe . And discovered a new crop called tobacco. In 1619 first African arrive most likey as indentured servants. Southern society tended to be divided between the rich plantation owners, poor farmers, and slaves.