#sparkinfo. Monthly News Oct. 2019

Fall Is Here! (I think.)

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It has been a great start back!

So much happened in September, and October will prove to be even busier at Pickens Middle. We were excited to celebrate student growth at our reverse field day. Our expectations for growth will be even higher for 2020 state testing and beyond. Please see important updates in our monthly update. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you, and Go Sparks!!!

What's New At Pickens Middle?

Extracurricular Opportunities

We are so excited for the large number of opportunities for students to get involved through intramurals, sparkcelebrations, and our large number of opportunities on campus from 3-6 PM. There is a correlation between involvement in your school and success in school. Please encourage your student to find a way to get involved if they are not already. We will soon be recruiting for a number of clubs. Volleyball, Football, and Competition Cheer are going strong. We will be starting basketball near the end of the month.
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SPARK Celebrations (SPARKS Finest!)

Pickens Middle School believes in celebrating the good things that students accomplish. The 2019-2020 school year will mark the second year for a new way to recognize how students are successful. SPARK Celebrations will concentrate on four components of student life:

  1. Academics (Maintain a C average to be eligible for #sparkcelebrations. Maintain an A or B average for SPARKS finest.)

  2. Attendance (No Unexcused Absences for the nine weeks.)

  3. Community/Service (Students need five hours of service per nine weeks. This may be logged online with a teacher or using a SPARKS service sheet to be SPARKS Finest)

  4. Discipline (No Discipline Referrals and a maximum of two detentions.)

Students will have the ability to be involved in various celebrations, rewards, and activities based on their accomplishments in the four areas of student life. Each element will be recognized every nine weeks with the hope of students excelling in all areas and becoming a SPARKS Finest: Students Promoting Attendance, Respect, Knowledge, and Service.

Read Your Way to the Big Game!

This year at Pickens Middle, you are likely to see our students reading throughout the day. We know that an increase in reading fluency will help students be successful in all areas. Please encourage your student to participate in Read Your Way to the Big Game! Entry Forms can be picked up in the media center!
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Save the Date!! Coming to Pickens Middle October 22nd @ 7 PM

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Behavioral Health Services- Do You Know What This Is?

If you aren't familiar with the items in the pictures above, then this is certainly an important session for you. The epidemic surrounding vaping is effecting our students far and wide. Because it has been viewed as harmless, it has impacted many of our students. Behavioral Health will explain the dangers surrounding vaping and what you as a parent need to know. The date for this community night will be published soon.


We need you in our PTO this year! We would love to have you join! Involvement may be simple monetary support through a membership all the way to directly serving in the school! Stay tuned for more information! If you would like to join, you can download and print the membership form by clicking on the PTO photo.

Get Your Yearbook- Lowest Price of the Year!

Yearbooks are on sale for $37, until November 1st. After that the price will be $42.00. This year, if you pay with cash or a check, you will be charged a $5 fee. The easiest way to pay, and avoid all fees, is to order your yearbook from Jostens using the yearbook link on our school website. Since you cannot order personalization for your yearbook on MySchoolbucks, the best way is through our school website.

Order Here- Jostens's Link

School Improvement Council Nomination Form

We are looking for Pickens Middle parents and community members who can have a positive impact on our school. Please nominate outstanding candidates for our Council here! Thank you!

What's Happening in October?

Tues., Oct. 1st-

8th Grade to Career Center (8:30-11:00)

Parent Volunteer Training (5:30 PM)

Open House 6-8 PM

Wed., Oct. 2nd-

Engineering Cohort (8th grade) Field Trip Greenville Tech. and United Tool and Mold

Robotics Team Meeting Afterschool

Th., Oct. 3rd-


Fr., Oct. 4th

Science Club Meeting

Mon., Oct. 7th-

Kindness Rally (Anti-bulllying assembly) AM Activity

A Team Volleyball-Walhalla

Tues. Oct. 8th-

A& B Team Volleyball-Edwards

Wed., Oct. 9th-

Manufacturing Cohort (8th Grade)Field trip to Greenville Tech and Velvet Drive Transmissions

Robotics Team Meeting Afterschool

American Sign Language Club Interest Meeting (After School Until 4 PM)

Student Council Meeting (3:15-4:00 PM)

Th., Oct. 10th-


6th Math MAP test

Fr., Oct.11th-

6th Math MAP test

Mon., Oct.14th-

A Team Volleyball-Wren

B Team Volleyball @ McCants 7th

Tues., Oct.15th-

A Team Volleyball-Palmetto

B Team Volleyball @ Glenview 7th

Wed., Oct.16th-

PSAT (8th Grade) Administration Media Center 8:30am

Robotics Team Meeting Afterschool

Th., Oct.17th-

1st Nine Weeks Ends


Fr., Oct.18th-

1st Nine Weeks #sparkcelebration

(#sparkfun schedule)

Halloween Dance and Carnival (TBA)

Sat., Oct.19th-

Division Volleyball Tournament @ Walhalla

Mon., Oct. 21st-


Tues., Oct. 22nd-

Digital Parenting Night w/AITS

Wed., Oct. 23rd-

Robotics Team Meeting Afterschool

Th., Oct. 24th-

1st Nine Weeks Report Cards

Football @ Riverside

Wed., Oct. 30th-

Football @ Palmetto

Robotics Team Meeting Afterschool

Fr., Nov. 1st-

SPARKS Finest Ceremony (PM Act.)

Pick-Up and Drop-Off

A.M. Drop-Off

Please remember that in the morning, the lane which comes straight to the school will close at seven. All vehicles should approach the school through the car loop. Please pull forward and fill in all available space to ensure that we can unload as many students as we can and keep the line as short as possible. This is a single lane in the morning. Students should be dropped off in plenty of time to ensure they are in the gym for assembly by 7:55.

P.M. Pick-UP

For the safety of our students in our carline, Pickens Middle will not allow signing out of students after 2:30 PM. Please pick up your student prior to that time for any appointments or events which require early pick up. The barrier to the straight left lane will close at 2:30 and we do not want cars coming around the barrier into oncoming traffic. All vehicles must use the car loop after that time. Parents/guardians who arrive before 2:30 for afternoon pickup may wait in the car loop at the final stop sign at the top of the hill until dismissal. Please see the video below for car pickup instructions. Please be courteous and merge every other car if it is a need before the merger arrives. Thank you!

*Students with parent/guardian permission must have a walker's pass to leave campus on foot. Students will not be permitted to walk in severe weather.

If you have any questions about this procedure, please let us know.

This year's regular bell schedule has some minor changes.

Students report to assembly- 7:53 (All students should be seated by 8:00 at the latest.)

Morning Assembly Drawings, Icebreakers, and announcements- 8:00-8:03

Morning Assembly8:03-8:13Day officially begins

1st period- 8:20-9:15

2nd period- 9:19-10:14

3rd period- 10:18-11:13

4th period– Lunch & Extension Classes11:17 -- 12:19

8th grade lunch11:17-11:47

8th grade will be in instructional time from 11:47-12:19

7th grade lunch11:33-12:03

7th grade will be in instructional time from 11:17-11:33 and 12:03- 12:19

6th grade lunch11:49-12:19

6th grade will be in instructional time from 11:17- 11:49

5th period12:23-1:18

6th period1:22-2:17

7th period2:21-3:15

Afternoon Announcements (Beginning) 6th grade dismissed at 3:13

55 minute classes

30 minute lunches

4 minutes between classes

Pickens Middle Student Handbook 19-20

Please review general rules and expectations with your student either found here or in the student agenda. School policies align with district policy. Please let us know if you have any questions.