Gregor Mendel Project

The Founder of Genetics

Who is Gregor Mendel?

Gregor Mendel was a man who had many hardships and accomplishments unfold in his lifetime. One of his accomplishments was finding the foundation of how genetics work, but unfortunately Mendel was not recognized as finding this concept until after he died.

Early In Mendel's life


- Recognized as a gifted student

- Accepted into University of Olomouc


-Parents couldn't afford the boarding school in Germany

-Failed his exams over 4 times

Mendel studied heredity through the pea plant experiment

Other Scientist Opinions

When Gregor Mendel released his data from the experiment other scientists were skeptical. They were not sure if his experiment was even related to how organisms get traits so they completely ignored the experiment for 2 decades. When this theory was rediscovered Mendel had been passed away, but it did become the foundation of how scientists learned about how genetics work.