sloar power train fails to move

what it was used for

it was used for transporting
  • people
  • food
  • railroad equipment
  • building suplies


it went from steam power to gasoline to battery to someday solar power train.


george stephenson first created it in great britten to make it easeir to travell. But some people think he created it so he could transport items quicker.

advanteges of the first train

  • safest
  • good cargo transportation
  • Fastest way to get across the west.

disadvanteges of the fist train

Derailing was the biggest problem. Next to bridges breaking and robberies from the train

inportance to nd

They were key to get threw North Dakota.Because of the safety the people had that they wouldn't get killed, and for sum there only reason they went on them was so that they didn't get killed by Indians.