The American System

Angelo M.


To unify and strengthen the nation, advanced by the Whig party and leading politicians.

Nationalism vs. Sectionalism

Nationalism: The strong belief that the interests of the nation are of most importance.

Sectionalism: Concern with local interests or petty distinctions rather than the bigger picture (country).

Key Components of the American System

1. The regimenting of high tariffs to protect fledging American industries.

2. Federally supporting 'internal improvements' in transportation.

3. The creation of a strong banking system that would make loans available for businessmen.

Henry Clay

Henry Clay was born in 1777 and died in 1852, he played a major role in politics for about 40 years. Henry believed a war with Britain was necessary to keep trade with other nations. He kept good relations with Latin-America. The American System he created was intended for the promotion of economic development and increase diversity.