by Alvin Toma

How Uluru was formed?

Uluru was formed long ago by remainders of the vast sedimentary bed around 600 million years ago. Then soon later sand piled up on the bottom of an island sea that once covered the middle of Australia at bass straight. Uluru has been a sacred place for the aboriginal people as it is mentioned in the dreamtime stories.

How were the Blue mountains formed?

The blue mountains are the remains of plateau that has been mostly washed away by rivers and creeks about 250 million years ago. Rivers and creeks eventually filled and formed the mountains with sediment creating deltas and swamps that deposited sand.

How the Jenolan caves were formed?

The Jenolan caves are made up of a sedimentary rock called limestone. It's formation is due to carbon dioxide dissolving into rainwater becoming slightly acidic forming the caves.

Aboriginal perspective on the Blue Mountains

There was once three beautiful sisters. Their father was a witch doctor called Tyawan. They were living in perfect harmony but a bunyip, who lived in a hole threatened them. Tyawan needed to get past the hole and left the girls safely behind a rocky cliff. One day he woke the bunyip so he turned the three sisters into stone with his magic bone. Tyawan fought the bunyip but failed so he turned himself into a lyre bird and fled. The bunyip searched for them but never found them. Tyawan lost his bone so until this day Tyawan looks for his magic bone to turn his daughters and himself back to normal.